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The Savannah Sport Bike Association is dedicated to growing Savannah's sport bike community, both on the streets and online. We plan to do this by providing our online community, weekly rides, and monthly bike nights. We will post the details to these events as we plan them, so check back often. We look forward to both riding and speaking with you. Check out our forum, here.

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With sport bikes and their riders having such a negative reputation in many major cities, SSB is dedicated to showing Savannah and our surrounding communities the good that comes from organizations like ours - and with everyone's help, we will have quite the show. SSB members give back to our community in the following ways:

  • Support local businesses - we usually start and end every ride at or near a local gas station, where we all tend to fill up with gas and sometimes junk food. Moreover, we generally end our riding days at a local restaurant, where we eat and tip generously.
  • Give to charities - we plan to host at least two benefits annually for charities that desperately need our assistance in making a difference. The charities and fund raising activities may vary, but our commitment to a better Savannah will not.
  • Lead by example - we want to set a standard in the sport bike industry that is yet to be established. We have major goals for both our community and our members, but we know it starts with our leadership team.

The Savannah Sport Bike Association reserves the right to choose the charities we support, but all are welcome to apply. If your charity is motorcycle-friendly, and you would like to nominate it, please feel free to contact our leadership team. You can use the contact button at the top or just click here.

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